An important aspect in marketing is customer relationship. Building a strong customer relationship can equal to success in a company. In ways of building customer loyalty and retention. Having a strong CR will cause customers to have more reasons to care about the marketing one is trying to deliver.

Here are several reasons as to why you should care about your relationship with your customers:

1. Happy Customers = Returning Customers


It’s quite obvious that if customers are happy – then they are more than likely to come back because they’re content with whatever service they received. Customers would not come back if they’ve been dissatisfied with their experience in a store, or any other interactive location. Know that a happy customer will result in better customer retention.

2. Realistic Expectations


When you set high expectations, and not be able to meet them – you’re in for a bad experience. If the anticipation for something is high, and the reality is far below it – the satisfaction will not align with the experience. As a result, customers will be unhappy with the hype they stored – to later be let down. Just make sure if you want to hype something up, make sure you can back it up.

3. Intimate Connections


Currently, the technology we have allows us to, by theory, immediately respond to one another. In other words, customers and companies now have the ability to have a two-way communication. With this in hand, we should be able to intimately, not sensual-intended, communicate with our customers – and thus building close relationships. Customers can become more satisfied if any of their concerns can be solved immediately.

4. Know Your Customer


As mentioned before, technology allows us to do many things we could not do back then. Now, with databases, we can keep track of our customer profiles. Having an elaborate customer database will allow us to understand them more. For instance, we can recommend them options that fit their profile – or craft products that fit their profiles. With these databases, we can form better relationships because we know who they are.

Understand that there are other ways to build customer relationship. But these are some of the foundations. Apply these to your marketing communications and you will achieve the dream. Take your time to get to know your customers. Figure out ways how to make your relationship with them more intimate. This way – you will achieve better success!