Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 2.24.15 PMSince young age, eating and traveling have been my two biggest passions. I thought to myself that it would be a great idea to feature all my experiences in a platform that can potentially turn into a business. This is when I created my own personal blog @vegetariansforlife.

The purpose of this blog is to recommend vegetarian restaurants to foodies who travel around the word and allow them to have the best experience in each spot they visit. It is very difficult to become Instagram famous, as there are so many food bloggers today. Although I have not yet become famous, I will provide you with some tips that have helped me get a lot of followers.

Worthy pictures and Identity creation

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Taking good quality pictures is important to attract your audience. Initially, I did not think of how to structure my Instragram to make it attractive. However, I realized that having a specific structural layout, always using the same edits, and brightness is important to create a sense of unity in your account. In addition to this, I also made my own signature that is placed on the bottom right corner of the picture. This is a good idea because if a restaurant wants to re-post the picture, your account will be featured and get followers that follow the restaurant. In supplement to that, the signature makes the picture more unique and helps you distinguish yourself from other bloggers.

Do not forget the #Hashtag

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When Instragram users are looking for something specific, their first go-to is the hashtag. Whenever you post a picture, always use hashtags as forms of description. For example some of the hasthags I used for this specific picture were: #panini #bostonfoodies #cheatday #vegetarian #lavoile #vegetariansforlife. Make sure to use the most popular hashtags (the number of pictures used for each hashtag appears when you type it). By using the most used hashtag, more users are likely to see your blog and follow you.

Keep changing/Introducing new ideas

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.21.08 PMAlthough my specific targeted audience, are vegetarians across the world, I also target a broader audience to get more likes and followers. The way I target a broader audience is by always introducing something new. When I first started my blog I introduce the concept of motivation as well in order to target a larger audience. In addition to that I thought that motivation complemented my blog, as the main concept of it is to live a balanced lifestyle, hence quotes like these would be beneficial.


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Besides introducing motivation to my blog, I also initiated the concept of “cooking days”. Not only to try to make it an appealing meal, but I also provide the recipe for individuals who are interested in learning how to cook or simply are looking for a quick healthy meal to eat. By doing this I also target a different audience that helps me reach more followers.

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Another way of targeting a broader audience is by featuring different places. As of now I have pictures in: Boston, New York, DC, Chicago, Barcelona, Canary Islands – Las Palmas, Santiago, and Mumbai. I hope to travel more and continue to post more food pictures around the world. This has definitely allowed me to get more followers, as it is a greater segment.

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Many people truly enjoy a restaurant that has a nice ambiance and great service. Whenever I visit a newrestaurant and enjoy the ambiance and service I will usually post it as well. This also allows you to get more followers because some people are likely to go to a restaurant simply because the ambiance is exceptionally beautiful.


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Another important aspect I take into consideration is the layout of my page. I make sure I change the structure of how the photo layout is as it makes it more attractive. Having pictures posted with the same layout can become very boring, so I usually try to change it sometimes as you can see.

Last, but not least – always check your inbox. Many times you will get questions from users asking about restaurant recommendations or questions about how to keep your life balanced. It is important to answer these questions as you are in the process of building relationships with customers. I recently got an offer to write a blog post about my food experience in India to be published in The Discoverer, so I am currently working on that.

It is certainly not easy to build your personal blog and become famous instantly, however it is extremely important to take all the chances you are offered in the process as these will pay off later on. These are some of the tips I have to suggest as of now, hopefully they are useful to start building your new blog!