The Yin and Yang symbol means a lot to me because of the concept of balance behind it. It is the representation of distinctive yet complementary energies. They cannot exist without each other and cannot be separated. For example, like night and day – both are interdependent but can only exist together.  And this is what I feel about failure. There is no success without failure. And at the end, it all balances out. Failure is one thing we avoid and are ashamed of. There are times in which people feel low and are ready to quit. But regardless of what it is – failure is important for the achievement of success. And some of the best quotes you can think of to keep yourself motivated are:

  1. “If what you want to do doesn’t exist, create it”

Remember that rules are also made by man. We have the power to modify them, through learning and experiences. It is important to remember that life and time does not stop for anybody. It is important to remind yourself that you just do what you have to do. And everything else will eventually fall into place.

  1. “Eagles don’t fly with pigeons”

Know yourself and be yourself! If you seem to find yourself being different than others around you, there is no obligation of fitting in. Instead, stand out and teach them to see things differently!

  1. “I’ll rather take a chance than wonder “what if?””

It is always good to take risks. Being safe gives security and stability, but taking risks will always make you grow as a person and discover parts of you, you didn’t not know, existed.

  1. “The greatest pleasures I life is doing what people say you cannot do”

Always remember that you cannot teach others to believe in you unless you do not believe in yourself. Follow your gut and do what feels right. Nothing has to be proven to anybody, but you.

  1. “When someone tells you that it cannot be done, it is more of a reflection on their limitations, not yours”

Do not ever give up or change your plans because of others. Believe in yourself and keep going. Everyone has a different pace and ways of doing things. Don’t let others stop you from achieving anything.

Failure may be very difficult at first. But don’t let it get to you. Don’t let the failure define you as a whole. It is a part of life and time does not stop for anybody. Keep the will strong and do what has to be done. Get up and keep fighting. To climb the ladder of success, it is important to fail. Mistakes make you stronger and teach you a lot. And these experiences are what will help you to keep climbing the stairs to success in a consistent and gradual manner.