Outsourcing has become increasingly important to many firms in USA and Europe as an alternative method to maintain their non-competitive components. According to the present president of America, Donald Trump, outsourcing to foreign countries is currently taking the jobs away from Americans. In 2013, U.S. overseas affiliates employed 14 million workers. However, the current economy regarding outsourcing is some way not against America is a whole country.



Outsourcing allows products to be much cheaper for Americans to afford

The current wage of American workers to manufacture is incredibly high. For the same worker with the same skill and education, the average wage of an American worker is six times higher than a Chinese worker. Therefore, it could be easily counted that every goods that we are using now will be at least six times higher than the current ones that are manufactured in China. By bring second industry back into domestic lands will only increase the living expense of the very citizens.china-factory



Outsourcing is making American companies to be more competitive

It is surprisingly to say that the current proficiency and the efficiency is stronger than the industry of America now. Chinese factories under the contact with American firms gain powers and experience from manufacturing, which American factories no longer have. Those firms have strong manufacturing powers but lacks the power to create a business plan to start their own brand or products. With further partnership with those Chinese factories, American firms such as Apple can produce far better products with less time and more business value.