Marketing used to rely on billboard ads and pop-ups, but in the age of smartphones and online native ads, marketing tactics are quickly evolving. Social media is no longer just for teen gossip, it has become the way in which people communicate. Social media connects people, shares in-the-moment updates, allows you to interact with your favorite celebrities and even helps you win a lifetime supply of free Wendy’s chicken nuggets! Businesses can (and should) leverage this resource to interact with their customers. Below is a list of 5 easy steps to improving business through simple social media tactics.



  1. Use social media to show off your positive testimonials. All those customers who are oh-so-satisfied with their purchase might write a post that their limited audience can see, but with the press of a button, the power of a retweet is enabled and that post gains many more impressions with a wider audience. Having an interactive repository gives your business credibility from real people.



  1. Post content that beats people to interacting with your customer service team. Publishing articles and FAQs on questions that are often-asked will get ahead of the question before it takes up time from your team. By presenting a solution, your customer feels taken care of and will have a more positive experience. Customer satisfaction dramatically increases when the problem can be fixed easily without needing to phone a representative. This aspect of customer service is widely in practice today, as I’m sure most people have seen something similar in effect.



  1. Provide insight into your business (model) by utilizing “live streaming” or “stories” on social media. Giving customers an inside-view into your office, culture, employees, values and day-to-day routines makes customers feel connected with the company they’re supporting and that connection will resonate into feel-good support and purchases. In a way, it “humanizes” the company or product by giving it a face and bringing allowing the customer to see it on a more personal and relatable level.



  1. Use your website’s resources to link social media back to your site. This will drive followers to click through to your site and browse your products more often. This tactic is meant to create more exposure to your company, which is beneficial even if nothing is purchased. Today, advertising companies take advantage of this exposure by paying for ad space, which can be an additional source of revenue.




  1. Track your content and social media posts to see what performs well vs. what flops. High engagement is the goal of most posts, so once you figure out what works for you and your company you can build a strategy around that insight. Lots of social media companies today even provide valuable insight and analytics about postings for people to leverage.