Business trips are usually around 2-3 days. We travel all around the country several times per month, and when there are no client dinners we have to discover places where we could enjoy a nice dinner. While we are on these business trips, we should try to get to know the city we are in and get to know the distinct gastronomy that characterizes each city in the United States. Here are 6 tips you can implement to really enjoy your business trip and the unique gastronomy it possesses.



1) Food Apps are your best friends

– Yelp: App that helps individuals to find the best places based on ratings done by locals. It can make your search easy by the filters it contains such as distance, rating, most reviewed, and best match. It includes a variety of local places to try from restaurants, bars, shopping, to drugstores. It also helps you find the best deals depending on the day of the week you are.

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– Zagat: A guide created by food critics that provide you with different restaurant ratings depending on what you are looking for. It rates the food, the service, and the decoration of the place. It is a great app to know what is currently trending in the city you are at. Additionally, each place would have an amount of dollar signs that will orient you on how expensive the food is. $ means it is cheap while $$$$ is the most expensive you will find.

2) Lunch- Work Deals

It is very important that you are aware of the lunch work deals during weekdays. Many many restaurants will have lunch deals especially around the financial district where the majority of the big enterprises are located. You can eat in a very good place for around $10 depending on the city you are traveling to. There are apps that would give you the option to find these specials like Grubhub, Yelp, and local blogs that specialize in finding the best meals at the best prices.


3) Ask your coworkers

No one will know more about the culture and food of the city than your coworkers. Do not hesitate to ask them about what are the best traditions and the best meals you can enjoy while only being there for 2-3 days. An additional tip, be sure to invite them and do not go alone. This gesture will bring you and your coworkers closer together.