Have you ever been to one of Walmart’s 5,000 some locations across America and thought about how they get all the inventory on the shelves? Actually, I take that back. Have you ever been to a Super Center Walmart and thought about how they get all that inventory on the shelves? I am not only talking about what they have on their main floor- food, clothes, toys, home appliances, electronics, toiletries/ personal hygiene, or medical supply needs. I am also  talking about their shelves in the outdoor garden and home section, hair salon, optometry center, and first aid medical clinics.

The average Super Walmart sells around 142,000 different products. Let me say that again…142,000. As a frame of reference, the city of Cambridge has a population of 110,000 people. Walmart sells more products than a mid sized city. THAT IS MIND BLOWING.

images      So now, think about where on earth they get those products from. About 91% of the products on Walmart’s shelves comes from China. But how on earth do they get that many products here to the US? Here is how:

The Maersk Line


Weight: 123,200 tons

Engine: 14 cylinder diesel engine

Cargo Capacity: 150,000 containers (an container can hold up to 22 tons of goods)

Construction Cost: $145,000,000+


Walmart is partnered with Maersk to deliver goods on these ships at regular intervals throughout the year and have been in used since 2009. Although this ship is too large to fit through the Panama Canal or Suez Canal, it can still among to get from China (Shanghai port) to America (Los Angles port) in just 5 days. In 2015 alone, Walmart imported products from these behemoths 800,000 times. Just imagine how much stuff is on its way over to the US right now and could end up at your house by the end of the week.

Knowing this information, I think it is fair to say that this ship is the Queen of the Seas. There is nothing quite like it, and we have yet to see a comparable competition present something similar. Nothing can tackle this ship, and until something worthwhile poses a threat to her, she will continue to reign the Sea.