Social media has taken over the Internet, and many of its users. These social media platforms pull in enormous traffic of users of all kinds. Marketers from all kinds of companies are transitioning to these mediums in order to reach the untapped target market. If they4 want to keep up with the contemporary trend of today’s society, these marketers should consider employing social media platforms as their marketing channels.

Here I have a list of social media platforms that have potential in bringing a big chunk of users:

1. Facebook


One of the most successful social media platforms on the Internet. Started with around 100 million active users in 2008 to 1.8 billion active users (Statista). Facebook is platform for users to share all kinds of media, ranging from photos and videos to news and games. Facebook rakes up one of the highest traffic users in the social media industry. As users scroll up and down, marketers have the opportunity to place their ads on the side of the page or pay more to place it on more conspicuous locations.

2. Snapchat


A simple photo sending app that disappears after, at most, 10 seconds has reached the hearts of millions of millennials. As well as other generations, of course. Snapchat is a social media app that allows users to send disappearing photos to each other as a means of communicating. The invisible proposition within this simple method gathers a big pool of users. The app possesses potential in hosting ads through a number of features. From the funky filters that companies can customize to promote a product, to the “Story” feature that allows content to be advertised. Marketers must see Snapchat’s potential in hosting all kinds of marketing.

3. Instagram


Owned by Facebook, this social media platform is famous for its photo sharing features and its filters. Instagram is a simple photo sharing app that allows its users to share their photos with their followers. After many years, the app has slowly transitioned to be embedded with advertisements. Instagram allows companies to have their own profiles to manage to promote their products and brand. At the same time, can utilize popular users to become brand influencers to promote their products.

4. Twitter


Twitter is simply a message sharing social media platform. Users use Twitter to connect with one another utilizing its maximum 140 character text count. Where do businesses come in to play to market their brand? Well, for Twitter, it’s more on the public relations side of marketing. Companies can manage their own profiles to communicate with their customers more intimately and personally. Utilizing this allows companies to be perceived positively and create more value with their customers.

5.  YouTube


YouTube is a video sharing platform that became the universal video sharing platform. There are many video sharing platforms in the Internet, but YouTube stands at the top of the industry. YouTube allows videos to have ads in the beginning, or in between the minutes of the videos. There are numerous opportunities for companies to insert their ads into any video on YouTube. YouTube also allows companies to have their own channels to post their own videos in order to promote anything they want.


These are just some of the top social media platforms that holds high potential in marketing. Here’s a link that will guide you to a longer list of social media that may hold potential. Truly depends on the target market that one wants to aim.