With lots of historic sights, the best universities in the world, fabulous sports teams, advanced hospitals, famous restaurants, and fantastic shopping malls, Boston becomes one of the standout city on the East Coast. However, Boston is considered to be one of the expensive places to live in the United States. Here are some tips that can help you to stretch your money.

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*1 Save Money from Bank

Banks in Boston offers opportunities that can help you to stay under budget. You can find a bank that provides the no-fee account with free or low-cost services. Among different credit card options or the bank’s app, you can discover the one that enables you to spend with rewards back! Some of the banks give up to 200 dollars bonus for people who open the credit card and spend some money by using the card. With an account in First Trade Union Bank, downloading the bank’s app can earn up to 100 dollars in cash and pay for the food, drink and other purchases from your phone.


*2 Spend Less on Transportation 

Parking, car maintain, and gas fee are expensive in Boston. Driving in the city during the rush hour can be painful. Fortunately, Boston has the MBTA that can help you spend less. The MBTA, known as the “T”, is Boston’s subway system. The T has stops throughout the entire city. It is convenient and cheaper to take the T. If you do need to take a car, the taxis alternatives such as Uber and Lyft can help you spend less, because the taxies fee in Boston is more expensive than New York City.

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*3 Have Fun from the Free Event

Boston is a city full of free events. There are two useful websites that can be recommended to check out the free events. The one is CityofBoston.gov, and the other is Meetup.com/Free-And-Cheap-Things-in-Boston. These websites list the free indoor and outdoor activities, such as the free concerts, museums, lectures, and workshops. If you are a student, you can enjoy the student discount when you have to purchase the tickets for some activities.


*4 Eat with the good deals

Eating out for a lot can take the huge budget. Cooking at home can seem to save much money, but here are some ways that enable you to spend less and enjoy the food in the restaurants. Happy hours are technically illegal in Ma, but many restaurant still has the happy hours events. The happy hours event offer the special low price, such as $1 per oyster, $1 pizza, and $2 burger. Also, most restaurants have the lunch special events, so you can have a good meal that spends under $10. For the night time after work, you can consider downloading the MassNightly app. You will discover many different deals that around you.