Success is not about winning in the first try. It is about having the courage to try once again. I have learnt a very important lesson from my father, and that is: there is no “right” time. Everything happens at its own pace. Entrepreneurship is all about taking the charge and about doing what you are passionate about. Entrepreneurship is not only about coming up with an idea. It has a lot more to it. It is important to believe yourself enough to the point where you can teach others to believe in your ideas. And only then, will you be a successful entrepreneur. 



  1. Be patient and love what you do:

Having an idea is just one part of this game. Execution is the next part. However, in all of this jumble, we tend to forget that persistence is key. And to be persistent, you must love what you do. To keep a business strategy moving, it is important to be passionate about what you are doing. For you to make others believe in your ideas, you must yourself believe in them. InOutliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell, there is one unit that is dedicated towards “practice” and “persistence”. It talks about the “10,000 hours rule” which concludes that talent exists, but for people to become extraordinary, there is a copious amount of practice involved behind it. Those who persist are the ones who succeed.

  1. Learn to accept failure

You need to understand and accept the fact that some factors are not in your control. You can be doing your best with the factors that are under your control, however, there is a lot more out there that is not in your control. There is no point in getting upset over that. Instead, learn to accept them and move on. Life does not stop for anybody. It is important to understand that success and failure are part of life. You cannot be at the top without having the experience of climbing the stairs. The more you practice the climbing of stairs, the faster you will get to the top.

  1. Be ready to take risks

Remember to make plans. It is important to have plans A, B, C, D, and E. But sometimes, you must understand that some plans may not work. It is very important to be able to adapt yourself to the situation and take risks and last-minute decisions, even though when you are not entirely sure. As we established previously, you are not in control of everything. You may possibly be ready for most situations, but some may be out of the reach of your imaginations or predictions. Remind yourself to be ready to take risks and to be courageous enough to get up and move on if you fail.

These are just some things to remember. But most importantly, believe in yourself. As long as you believe in yourself, you will muster all the courage you need to stand up for yourself.