The world needs change from polluting sources of energy to sustainable ones, and a innovative and ground breaking company took up the challenge to change the source of our automotive fuel from our good old oil to a lithium nuclear battery. This company is Tesla, and it came up to the car market and blew the mind of car enthusiasts and environmentalists alike, Tesla challenged the status quo of car business and decided to generate the change in the market rather than adapting to it.China-electric-car-sales.png

Seeing the pollution issue in nowadays transportation system, Elon Musk, CEO and cofounder of Tesla Inc. decided to end it by producing stylish, comfortable and using state of the art technology to produce these lithium battery fueled non-polluting cars, Tesla opened in 2003, and even though there wasn’t an expressive electric fueled car market in the world, Tesla decided to make great products and hope that people see the value in it and change their mind about electric cars, linking it latest tech, comfort and style, and surprisingly this tactic worked, by 2015 Tesla sold 25,202 cars, 4,000 more than the second place the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in the U.S. luxury car market.World-Electric-Car-Sales-Top-Companies.pngTesla impacts are not only on a national level, Tesla is incentivizing other countries in the world to adopt its lithium battery fueled cars and create infrastructure  to be able to do so. A great example is the economical and population giant, China, where imports of the car already rose fivefold from 2016 to 2017.