Women Edition:


            Business travelers are in the road approximately two-thirds of the year. The upcoming work trip will be announced sometimes just a few hours before the plain leaves, and so being prepared to pack efficiently its essential. In the financial world we all know formal attire is required for this short trips because they will consist of client meetings, sophisticated dinners, and so on. Packing just what is necessary will save and keep you to be on time and well dressed, and prepare you for what is coming.

  1. Travel with a Carry-on

            For these short trips you will not want to have to check your back at the counter of the airline. During rush hours, lines will be very long, and the idea is to get you to the airport and go straight to TSA without doing any unnecessary wait. In a carry-on you can pack completely what is necessary for a trip that will last no more than 2-3 days. Additionally, if you are really a frequent flyer (which I bet you are) be sure to do the pre-check TSA so you will not even have to wait to be inspected

2.   Travel Size Products are your friend

            Nowadays, when you go to any drugstore you will find a section filled with a variety of travel size products. Because you are not checking a big bag, you will only be able to pass through TSA 3oz of any liquid; hence this section is perfect for you. Be sure to not buy shampoo or conditioner because this will be available at the hotel. Buy mini toothpaste, deodorant, makeup remover, and face cream, these will cover for the short stayed. Be careful and pack these mini products in Ziplocs so they will not bother you at security


3. Black is the New Black

                        For these business trips, the majority of the time you will be at the office working all day and then directly to a dinner. Therefore, you will need one outfit per day that can be used during the day and then during the night. 1 black dress will save your life, during the day just use accessories that will give it some life (scarfs, necklaces, or a jacket) then at night just take out these colorful accessories and you will be perfect. Pack other black pieces that match with anything you want, such as one pair of black heels and one black pant

4. Organization is key

                        First, be sure to divide your carry-on in two. In one side put all the clothing and make sure to pack synthetic fabric, these do not wrinkle like natural fabrics do. In the other side of the carry-on, put the travel-size products, your one-pair of shoes, your charges, computer (always pack it full of battery) so you can work and use it during the flight. Organizing it like these will assure you that all of these accessories will not damage your clothing during the flight.

5. The day of the Flight

                        Your carry-on is already full, so if you have a 6am flight and will be working all day make sure to use the black pant with any color shirt and no heels. Heels will really make your feet soar before you get to your destination. In this case pack your heels in your carry-on. However, if it’s a night flight and no commitments are waiting for you that day, travel as confortable as you can just use your flat “formal” shoes that way you save up space. Because you do not have to check any big suitcase, you can arrive at the airport 1 hour before your flight.

                        An organize carry-on will make your business trip way more pleasurable and relax. One additional thing, because you are women you have the perk of having and carrying a big purse. Use it to save up additional space, carry snacks and a book because in these short flights they do not give food, not anymore and so you can enjoy your flight.