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Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients through technology. It allows patients to get check, diagnosed and sometimes even treated by physicians regardless of their location.

Doctors are linking up with patients by phone, email and webcam. But some critics question whether the quality of care is keeping up with the rapid expansion of telemedicine.Why would you care?

This futuristic field is already saving lives. It brings cutting edge medical information to people in developing areas, let people get immediate help without having to wait for an appointment or at an emergency room and even allows for robotic surgery.

Wait…robot surgery?!

Recent advances have allowed physicians to remotely perform surgeries using – you guessed it – robots. These robots are more precise and now people who specialize in specific surgeries can perform them remotely. In 2001 the “Lindbergh Operation” was performed across the Atlantic Ocean. Dr. Jacques Marescaux performed a cholecystectomy on a patient 6,230 km away in France.



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