Ever wonder what the Donald thinks about science? Do you know his views on climate change or mental health? What about nuclear power or vaccines?


Earlier this year, Donald Trump answered 20 questions which were provided by Sciencedebate.org. I will give a very quick summary of his stance on these 20 issues:

1. Innovation

Innovation is good, the government should encourage innovation in space exploration, research, and development in all academic arenas. Despite the tight budget the government has and the idea that federal funding should be curtailed, we should be investing in science and engineering to improve American lives.

2. Research

We must have long-term programs for research, as scientific advancements are a long term commitment. A viable space program and institutional research are incubators to innovation. Furthermore, we as a nation should come together to determine the top priorities in terms of research and innovation.

3. Climate Change

“Climate change” has much about it that still needs to be investigated. My administration would start by ensuring that everyone has clean water. Perhaps we’d focus on eliminating diseases such as malaria, or perhaps we’d focus on the food industry. Maybe we should focus on clean energy. We must decide on how best to proceed to ensure the betterment of American lives.

4. Biodiversity

In a Trump administration, there will be shared governance of public lands. States and local governments would be in charge of protecting wildlife and fisheries and federal immoral laws will be modified to balance the needs of society with the preservation of our resources. Ultimately, the power will be removed from the corrupt governmetn officials and be given to the states and local governments instead.

5. The Internet

The government should not spy on its own citizens, that will not happen. Any internet attack will be considered proactive and will warrant a proportional response which will identify and possible eliminate the threat.

6. Mental Health

States are currently reducing their commitment to mental health treatment. Mental health reform is required, and we must make the investment in treating fellow citizens with mental health issues. This includes allowing family members to be more involved in the total care of the mentally ill and ensuring the national government can provide the support it needs to.

7. Energy

It should be America’s goal to achieve energy independence as soon as possible.

8. Education

The government should make sure that educational programs are available to everyone. We must allow market influences to bring high quality education to more children.

9. Public Health

In a time of limited resources, we must ensure that we get the most bang for our buck. We ought to focus on assessing where we need to apply our resources rather than throwing resources into a specific area without thought. Our efforts to support public health will have to be balanced with other demands for our scarce resources.

10. Water

This may be the most important issue facing America; we must invest in a fresh water infrastructure to ensure clean water is available for everyone in the coming generations. This will be a top priority for a Trump administration.

11. Nuclear Power

Nuclear power is a valuable source of energy which should be part of an all-the-above program for bettering America’s future. We can make it safer and it will be an integral part of energy independence for America.

12. Food

The agriculture industry should be free to seek its best solutions through the market system, it should not be controlled by the federal government. That being said, food production should be monitored when it comes to providing security for our farmers and ranchers against losses to nature.

13. Global Challenges

We must make sure that we achieve our goals in tax reform, trade reform and immigration reform, and energy independence to make a more prosperous America. This will make America a much more qualified and useful partner in tackling global issues.

14. Regulations

We must balance a thriving economy with conserving our limited resources and protecting citizen from threats. Science will inform our decisions on what regulations to keep/add/change. The private sector will be regulated by a vibrant, robust free market system.

15. Vaccination

We need to educate the public on the values of a comprehensive vaccination program. This is important enough that the government should put resources towards this task.

16. Space

Space exploration has given so much to America and should be continued. A strong space program encourage STEM careers and will bring millions of jobs and trillions of dollars to this country. We should also seek global partners in a space program, since space is not American property.

17. Opioids

We need to stop the inflow of oploids in the United States. This is a national problem which costs America billions of dollars in productivity.

18. Ocean Health

My administration willl work with Congress to establish priorities for our government and how the limited resources will be allocated.

19. Immigration

As one of the cornerstones of my campaign, immigration needs to be reformed. Legal immigrants who get their educations in the U.S. should be allowed to stay to contribute to the economy. We cannot allow companies to abuse the H1-B system, and it should only be employed when jobs cannot be filled with qualified American or legal residents.

20. Scientific Integrity

Science is science, facts are facts. My administration will provide total transparency without political bias when it comes to science. The American people deserve this.

You can see the full article here.

It is very clear when Trump does not care about a certain topic, such as Ocean Health or Public Health. It is also clear when he feels strongly about the topic, such as space exploration and the space program. I found this to be interesting and amusing, especially his stance on (air quote) “Climate Change” (air quote).

What do you think? Is Trump’s stance on various scientific topics good? Bad? Scary? Let me know in the comments below.