Allison Nowacki, Blog Post 2

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Loss and Grief

Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Watching these states fall to a nation that has become so fearful and so hateful was heartbreaking. When xenophobia and racism win, America loses. There are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. In one evening, those feelings crashed like waves over me; denial as Trump led Ohio and Florida, and believing that Hillary could still come out on top from the densely-populated democratic counties. Anger consumed me as I watched Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina fall to Trump. How did we not see this coming? How could the polls and journalists have been so wrong. I found myself bargaining, at least Hillary would take Pennsylvania, or the democrats would somehow gain the four additional seats they needed to take back the senate. Finally, as Trump’s reign became imminent, depression. In just one evening, the…

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