The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was form in 1949 as a way to protect the Eastern European block that was friendly with the West from invasion by Russia. Their primary document for formation is Article 5, which states that if one member country is attacked, then the other 28 members have to help defend said country. The only time the organization has invoked Article 5 is post September 11th, when the US was hurting from the terrorist attacks.

The decade and half since the attacks has been relatively peaceful in terms of NATO and troop deaths. While involved in fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq during the subsequent invasions, NATO has been limited to the continuation of their founding and being a presence in Eastern Europe. In recent months, Russia has again built up their forces along their border with the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Belarus. This is bringing tensions between the two countries not seen since the cold war and the Cuban Missile crisis of the 70’s.

With all that is happening in the world, the US is about to vote for our new president as Obama has completed his 8 years in office. This is a difficult time in both domestic and international politics, even more so with the fact that Donald Trump has a chance, even though very slight, at becoming the leader of the United States and leader of the “free world”. This thought scares many in the International community as he was also for the “leave” campaign in Brexit that has crashed the pound and Britain’s economic outlook now looks complicated.

Along with this foreign policy blunder, Trump has repeatedly talked about leaving NATO, which the US started and is the key player. Leaving NATO would send a message to our allies that we don’t care for their national security and let Russia take Eastern Europe, as their biggest ally and supplier of troops to NATO has left. Trump needs to brush on the geopolitics of the world before making statements that could lead to the next world war.

“Trump said the United States shouldn’t automatically come to the defense of fellow NATO members if they are attacked unless those countries have paid their bills to the alliance.” Sounds like the police shouldn’t help Trump until he pays his taxes; it’s only fair after all.