Around two years ago I was shown this amazing video in my Environmental AP class. It was of a product that could solve all of the world’s problems (well a lot of them anyways): Solar Roadways. At the time, the company was in its’ early stages, but their product has the ability to wean us off fossil fuels pretty easily. Solar Roadways, as the name implies, are roadways made of solar powered panels embedded with smart technology. They contain led lights that can be programmed to display anything from road signs, i.e. warnings, or the lane lines. They also have heaters that can melt ice or snow during the cold seasons. These roadways are completely self-sufficient and provide more than enough energy needed to power them. More info can be found here: Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways

Sounds great right? So where are they? Well these things take time. Most people after seeing that video have forgotten about them. It has been two years after all. The project, however has not been forgotten! NBC News has informed the public that these solar panels are getting a test run on the historical Route 66. Projects like these require a lot of time and funding so the slow pace is understandable.  Good news is, if this is pulled off, in the long run America could be saving a lot of money and energy. So let’s keep tabs on this gem.