In the blog post ‘The Ethics of Trump’s Foreign Policy vs. Obama’s Long Game,’ Nikolas Gvosdev examines Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech given on April 27, 2016. Gvosdev, a professor of national security studies, specifically addresses the question of ethics behind the prepared speech and then compares Trump’s approach to that of President Obama’s. Although the blog post falls under the overarching discourse of international affairs, Gvosdev uses political discourse to analyze and compare the

Because this is a blog post, it can be said that most of the information strictly reflect the personal opinions and assessments of the author only. However, Gvosdev is able to substantiate his analysis by referencing scholarly articles and books such as “The Long Game,” which he used to describe President Obama’s foreign policy legacy (Gvosdev). As is common in the international affairs discourse community, he is able to support his claims through the works of other experts in the field to establish credibility. Gvosdev’s choice to make use of political discourse is made clear through the vocabulary seen throughout the post. Words such as ‘neo-Westphilian,’ ‘democratic,’ ‘republican,’ ‘maximalist’ are present in the discourse mentioned above.

The author is able to reach a broader audience through the use of simple English thorough the text as compared to that of complicated jargons that are found within political discourse. His writing style can be described as “straight to the point” as he does not use long dragging sentences or paragraphs to get his point across. Furthermore, Gvosdev is able to sum up the main themes found in Trump’s speech in just five bullet points. Such precision will gain the attention of a younger audience that wishes to gain insight on the topic. Although questions are not brought up within the post, the author encourages his audience to remain attentive on the matter in the future as he introduces a new personality in the person of Hilary Clinton. Through the information he has given, the audience is able to observe Hilary Clinton and decide which approach she might choose to embrace. Gvosdev’s goal is perhaps to reach individuals within the International Affairs discourse community as he has chosen the platform “Ethics & International Affairs” to share his opinions.