As a recent ITP graduate, I am at a strange point in my career trajectory.  As I have gotten a part time job at my previous mentorship to interpret, I am excited to begin my career.  However, as a recent graduate there is not many areas I am qualified (or comfortable) to interpret in until I pass the state screening and/or the RID certification.  I would not want to move to state with less strict laws, because me working as an unqualified interpreter can have an extremely devastating effect on the Deaf individuals I serve.  Although I feel fortunate to be in a job that develops my skills as a sign language interpreter, I am at a crossroads between utilizing this job to develop my skills and prepare to become qualified for more areas of work, but unfortunately not making enough money to even afford an apartment with limited opportunities for another part time job that fits the weekday puzzle, or finding a job outside the field of interpreting for now.  I firmly believe that the skills of an interpreter can only blossom and grow through experience, however, I am not so sure how novice interpreters can appropriately develop the skills they need with such limited opportunities for a safe, supportive, interpreting work environment.  With a lack of qualified interpreters in this country, having a more developed path for recent graduates to take would keep more ITP students in the field, increasing the amount of working, qualified interpreters who encompass the appropriate attitude that a sign language interpreter should possess.